About Olio Education

Olio Education specializes in the development of state-of-the-art multichannel medical education.
We offer the total package, from rough draft to fully-developed programme, in whichever form or shape.


In short
A successful education programme combines two crucial ingredients: strong content that fulfils a need, and a concept that reinforces the content.

Is it that simple?
Essentially it is. Content is important. But so is form. For a good concept will contribute to optimal knowledge transfer.


How do we do that?
Olio Education is made up of a team of specialists. Experts in the field of medical education, communication and marketing. They know the market. They understand the target audience, know the guidelines and have extensive knowledge and experience. These qualities are essential to be able to develop a solid and appropriate programme.


How does that work?
Objective, target audience, content and form. We are with you every step of the way. We turn objectives into reality. Together with medical professionals we formulate the content, and if you like, we ensure smooth logistics and guard the quality. We manage the entire process.


Olio Education.
Think and act.

What does Olio do

Who are Olio

Olio is made up of a team of driven professionals. Each with their own expertise. With extensive knowledge of different fields. The result of years of experience.


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